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About the SEArica Intergroup


  • The Seas, Rivers, Islands and Coastal Areas Intergroup follows on from the Seas and Coastal Areas Intergroup launched in 2010 and for the current European Parliament term brings together 107 MEPs from 23 different Member States and 6 political groups.
  • Relevant EU policies and initiatives related to maritime topics, such as the Blue Growth Strategy and the Framework for Maritime Spatial Planning, coordinated under the Integrated Maritime Policy, as well as the different Sea Basin Strategies and, more recently, the Green Deal, the revamped Industrial Strategy or the new Maritime and Fisheries Fund reflect the EU awareness of the great possibilities offered by the seas and oceans. These opportunities are key drivers for the sustainable economic growth of the European Union’s territories.
  • While the European Parliament continues to take action on the several different maritime policies, the Seas, Rivers, Islands and Coastal Areas Intergroup works to ensure that Europe of the Seas remains a major, cross-cutting and well-identified issue.
  • From this transversal perspective, the SEArica Intergroup stimulates debate and promotes concrete actions in support of a comprehensive approach to maritime-related policies, that takes into account the links between environmental sustainability, maritime industrial policy and transport, research, ocean literacy, exploitation of marine living resources.


With the support of the CPMR, Intergroup Secretariat